ROOSEVELT PLAZA  Camden, New Jersey


Silver Medal, AIA Philadelphia

Honor Award, AIA Pennsylvania

Honor Award, AIA Tri-State NJ, PA, NY Award


Re-visioning the use and nature of urban civic space, the design of Roosevelt Plaza brings a controlled element of nature back into the heart of the city. It creates a system of green infrastructure to manage storm-water on site and through the park’s adjoining street frontages, through an array of bio-filtration gardens. These city gardens also serve as demonstration gardens that promote a locally oriented vision for a greener, healthier Camden. Embracing the PATCO high-speed rail line, the NJT River Line light rail, and linking to a nearby transit center, the new plaza and its focal transit pavilion serves to reconnect the city to the region, its new transit pavilion serving as an iconic marker of its enhanced accessibility – its organic shape serving as a symbol of the project’s sustainability agenda.  Creating a well secured, yet open and inviting environment that serves as a highly flexible vessel for multiple types of community events, and offering engaging and uplifting personal experiences to its citizens, the plaza provides a much needed respite for a city-bound population and brings an element of fantasy and delight to its daily life.

*Completed as the project's Principal-In-Charge and Designers at WRT