PANORAMA 700  Newark, New Jersey


Located less than ten miles west of downtown New York City on the crest of a Newark, NJ hilltop, Panorama 700 is a mixed-use residential development that includes townhouses, live/work lofts and a variety of residential units. An expansive public plaza is defined by the building’s footprint at the corner of Montgomery St. and MLK Jr. Blvd., while generous sidewalks and inviting streetscape improvements create a dialogue with Montgomery Heights, a sister development opposite the street. This relationship allows Montgomery Street to be transformed into a vibrant public plaza for neighborhood festivals and events giving residents of both buildings the advantages of the amenities afforded by the other building. Panorama 700 includes 130 residential units and 7,000 square feet of retail in addition to 23 townhouse units located along Quitman Street. Occasional balconies on the east and north facades enliven its elongated elevation and provide residents with private outdoor space with spectacular views of Manhattan. At the rooftop level, a club room with floor-to-ceiling windows provides direct access to an outdoor terrace and a lush green roof. The club room, terrace and the green roof are oriented toward the view of the city, an amenity available to all of the building’s residents.

*Completed as the project's Principal-In-Charge and Designers at WRT