Citation of Merit, AIA Pennsylvania

Honor Award, AIA Philadelphia




The Downtown Transit Center lies at the eastern end of Charlottesville’s Main Street pedestrian mall. The station serves as a new transit hub, a multimodal gateway to the city. It is a catalyst in the redevelopment of the eastern end of downtown while respecting its Jeffersonian context. This project identified as a culmination of previous work on a master plan and site design of the Charlottesville pedestrian mall. The transit center’s innovative program called for a central transportation hall containing a visitor’s center for tourists, supporting retail, and an art gallery. Some of the site’s challenges were a 17-foot grade difference between the mall level above and the buses below, and a delicate balancing act between environmental, aesthetic, and pragmatic objectives, being welcoming, transparent, and open while still maximizing energy efficiency and mitigating sunlight penetration as well as noise. With a LEED-NC Gold certification, the center was the first LEED-rated building in the city of Charlottesville.

 *Completed as the project's Principal-In-Charge and Designers at WRT