Citation of Merit, AIA Pennsylvania


The Torre Verde de Cancun (Green Tower of Cancun) newly created 2.7–acre site is a prow-pointed parcel that is destined to become the focal point of a new marina harbor development in the Yucatan resort city of Cancun. The design challenge was how to develop the newly created site to connect the building to its broader natural and cultural environment, to and imbue it with a sense of place. The design team’s strategy in response to the challenge was to embrace an approach that allowed the structure’s design to develop in response to its climatic needs and its contextual and environmental responses. Studying the marine creatures of nearby coral reefs for inspiration, the design team was drawn to the sea squirt – a creature whose body creates a permeable regulating structure that filters and modulates its environment, as it performs its life support processes.  The team’s resulting design is thus analogous; it is one whose concrete structure of deep overhanging floors, sun screens, green liner shell, and inner glass & metal filigree skin, work to carefully modulate its environment to sustain life. 

*Completed as the project's Principal-In-Charge and Designers at WRT